Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Landscape Lighting and Can Lights

Reporting back in on landscape lighting.  Since these pictures were taken, the large hollys have been trimmed substantially so you can see the middle light on both sides of the house a bit better. We had three installed on each side. I really love how it turned out!  We sit on a large hill and pretty far from the road so we always need bigger wreaths, bigger lights and bigger landscaping.  It's really coming together!

While our electrician was here, he hid cords behind the TV in our room so none show. I'll have to take a picture of that. It looks clean now.  We also had them add four dimable can lights in our room.  This made quite a difference in the appearance with having light finally!  Next up, painting our room...on Thursday.  Can't wait!

Spotted: a pooch on his bed and a pumpkin pooch toy on our bed.  ;)

Tomorrow I plan to show you all my fall decor!


  1. Your house has great curb appeal

  2. Your lighting looks great! I love finding dog toys on beds etc...He's so cute!

  3. the lights look great...such a pretty entrance!

  4. That was nicely done! You guys must be stoked to see everything coming together. The lights look great, and you'll be needing bigger ones to offset the distance of your house from the road. The interior seems to be coming along nicely. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Hope to see the final reveal soon!

    Bryan Hubbard @ Douthit Electrical