Thursday, June 3, 2010

Seagull Shirt

Every time I'm home, Mom and I like to go to South Moon Under down in Ocean City, much to Dad's dismay.  ;)  South Moon Under is only in Maryland and north so unfortunately we don't have one in Charlotte.  They have super cute things and it's the kind of shop that you probably won't see anyone else wearing what you get.  Know what I mean? 
How cute is this seagull shirt that we picked up?

I think it will look awesome with some white pants, khaki skirt/pants or dark jeans (aka, not the jorts that it is shown with!). 
I haven't found the perfect time to debut it yet but it'll be really fun when I do!

Don't you love those special shirts that you will always remember the story behind it?!


  1. I absolutely LOVE South Moon Under!! Everything I have ever purchased there is still a fave :)

    I do have a special shirt! I've been wearing it a lot lately. It's an attention grabber for sure!

  2. I love South Moon too...the one in OC is the best! Have a great weekend! xx