Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Look at this cutie, my goddaughter!  Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?!

Check out Kev...you can tell he loves shopping!!!

And look at this steal I got last week at TJ Maxx.  $30.  Doesn't it look Lilly/Tory Burch - ish?  It is super cute and made of nice material.  I don't typically pick up random things like this but I couldn't resist this shift!  This picture is when I was standing in the check out line sending it to my mama.


  1. I must agree with our wise dear blogger. That little gal is a 100% cutie :) heee heee
    The cutie's mama :)
    p.s. priceless pic of Kevin

  2. so cute!!! And Kevin looks just like my hubby when we are shopping!!! And that little girl is to stinking cute! My little one has hair that color!Gorgeous!

  3. Love that dress! Great find and its fun to change it up a bit!!! Your goddaughter is adorable as well! Love the Lilly!

  4. What a cute little girl! I like the dress, too.

  5. Love the dress!!
    P.S. I found the tunic and flip flops at Marshall's.

  6. Your little Godchild is adorable!!!! And I love your dress. It does look like Lilly. So cute and such a great buy! Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!