Monday, June 14, 2010

Jim and Kim

This past weekend was Jim and Kim's wedding!  They lived with us at the Avenue for a couple years prior to them moving to Dallas for a promotion for Jim!  We miss them but are glad they are happy out there!

The wedding was in uptown Charlotte at the Levine Museum of the New South.  It was actually pretty cool because they had the museum open during the reception so we got to tour through there.  It basically shows the evolution of Charlotte and how the city has changed.  Very cool!

Jim and Kim were so cute!  They were very happy and glad to have finally tied the know!
Ingles and I!  My new best friend!  She and her Kevin were also at Courtney and Daniel's wedding last weekend!  It is a pretty funny story about Ingles and her Kevin...she and I have so many of the same characteristics and so do our Kevin's.  It is so funny - we honestly should have been friends long ago!  :)
The happy couple being nice to each other during cake cutting!  Isn't her cake pretty?!  Love the pink and green!
Kev and I.  :)
The gorgeous bride and I being goofy!
And they are off!  I love Kim's face in this picture - it is pure happiness!
But of course they came out later!  Here are some of the guys.  Yes, Kevin went home and changed!
Laura and I.  She was so fun!  I wish she lived in Charlotte instead of DC!
Kevin and Kim!
Jim and Kim - we had so much fun with you guys and all of your friends!  Have the best time on your honeymoon!!!!


  1. all the weddings you've gone to have been so gorgeous! and what a cool place to have it at!