Monday, June 28, 2010

LG's birthday and Rascal Flatts

Saturday was Lauren's birthday but we celebrated on Friday night with dinner at Vivace.  It is a new italian place in Metropolitan and the atmosphere was really cool.  There were 14 girls and some of Lauren's friends came up from Columbia, SC to celebrate.  Here's the birthday girl:
Me, Kim and Lauren
All the girls...
On Saturday night we went to the Rascal Flatts concert.  Kevin was not thrilled at all but we had bought Brittany and Joe tickets for their birthdays.  I think everyone ended up having a good time!  Don't know what Kevin is doing in this picture...haha.  He isn't right!  We loved tailgating.  We brought some BLT's and some good ole Miller Lite!  I was the driver so I drank lots of water!
Chris Young opened...
Of course Kellie Pickler was a bit hit since she grew up just outside of Charlotte in Albemarle.
The sunset was gorgeous.  But it was SOOOO hot outside!  It was definitely a hair up kind of day/night!
Rascal Flatts always has the best opening song/production.  This picture doesn't do it justice...
They are pretty cool guys.  I watch specials on GAC on them all the time.  One of them is married to a Chi O! 

Hope you ladies (and Dad because he is the only male that reads this) had a great weekend!!


  1. Aw! LG looks so cute!!! Wish I could have been there with y'all to celebrate! :)

  2. I would love to see Kellie live!!! So fun!!!

  3. That looks like fun. BTW, I just have to tell you that you have the most gorgeous hair. What a pretty color!

  4. Love your photos! You and your girls are all so beautiful!!

  5. What fun! I love Rascal! I saw the in 2006 in Raleigh and I'm seeing them this summer in Connecticut!