Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mrs. G's Birthday and Washing Longchamps

On Tuesday, it was Kevin's Mom's birthday!  We celebrating by going to Mickey and Mooch's which is a tasty restaurant in south Charlotte.  They are known for their steaks but they have good seafood too.  Kevin and I both got the medallions over mashed potatoes with 4 fried oysters.  It was a ton of food but so good!  They brought cake out to her too!  We gave her a monogrammed vase, watering bulb things she wanted and a "G" trivet.  Hope you had a great birthday Mrs. G!!!
Last week I became daring and decided to do research on washing my longchamps.  I took the plunge and did it that night after all the reviews I read were positive.  Let me tell yall, my bags were NASTY.  It was at the point that I'd do it just to see if they could look better, if not, no loss.  They came out great!  I washed them with woolite in cold water on delicate.  Then just hung them to dry! 
I don't guarantee you'll get the same results so make your own decision of whether you're willing to do this or not!  ;)

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  1. Good to know about washing longchamps! Hope you had fun at dinner to celebrate the birthday!