Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kevin's Allstate Agency

Big news to announce!  Kevin has offically closed on an Allstate agency as of yesterday!!!!  Here he is a couple months ago signing the purchase contract.  Prior to this, every night was used to write a business plan, get approved through Allstate, formulate a deal with the existing owner and obtain financing.  Since signing up, he has completed five weeks of training (4 in Atlanta, 1 in Chicago) and written many of marketing strategies.
As with most "first days," yesterday was very hectic and it will take some time to figure out what works and what doesn't.  This is the house where his agency is is about 45 minutes south of Charlotte.  He can write business in North and South Carolina since he is a "border agent."  
This has been a long time coming for Kevin.  He worked for his dad at Allstate for a few years and when he retired, Kevin worked for the new owner for a couple more years.  Kevin wanted to move to corporate world and he worked for Bank of America for five years.  During this, he got a ton of great financial experience as an advisor for financial advisors on their difficult cases (Kev - am I saying this right?!.....ha, like he is even reading this!).  He wanted back into the insurance business where he could still do the financial work.  The agency was for sale in his hometown - it was all the perfect fit and seemed right!  

I'm so proud of him, as I know his parents, family and my parents are too.  As a matter of fact, my parents are adorable and sent him a Peace Lily yesterday.  How cute is that?!       
So hopefully this explains where I've been the past five months!  We've really learned a lot about each other working together to get this done.  We definitely think differently with regard to business but together we accomplished the common goal!  In other words, it is good we had both of us and two opinions to formulate the best deal possible for him! 

Kevin, here's to you!  I'm so proud of you and what you've done!  You are going to do so well in your new business!!!


  1. SO SO SO exciting for you!!!

    Your email was too funny! I'll have to ask him about her! It really is a small world! Hope you're having a great day :)

  2. We are so proud of Kevin and know that the future hold wonderful things for both of you!

    Love, Emily

  3. Make that holds

  4. How exciting!!! Good luck to him and his business! And seems like you've helped a lot too!

  5. love this post beth. great job narrating :) so happy for you both nikki