Friday, June 18, 2010

"Nastics" and Surprise!

Anna Kate began "nastics!"  Isn't she the most precious gymnast ever?!!
I talked to her after she had been to "nastics" on Wednesday and I asked her what she did and she kept saying, "jump, jump, jump!"  Haha, I bet she spent some time on the trampoline....and the balance beam as you can see below!
Last night, Kevin beat me home and brought me pink carnations and had fixed up dinner and had a bottle of wine.  How cute is that?!  He also wrote me a really sweet email that he purposively sent right before I walked in the door.  Awww!!! 
Kev, I have to tell a tale on you!  So he knows I like peonies, a lot.  But he calls them peronis.  How funny is that?!  So when he went to Trader Joes and came home, he immediately told me, "I tried to get you those peronis you like but they didn't have any!"  I cracked up hearing it again.  Stuff like that makes me laugh so hard because he was really trying to get me exactly what I liked and he just didn't know exactly what they were called!  Men! 

Anyway, it was really sweet and such a nice surprise!  He's got a lil sinus head cold so we are trying to get him healthy again so he can keep working hard on his new business!  This weekend should help!

Tonight his parents invited us to their club for dinner.  His Aunt Kate (who is such an amazing lady) is coming down from Winston-Salem for the night so we're excited to see her.  Tomorrow, we have a pool party at the Avenue and Sunday is Father's Day and Kevin's brother Joe's birthday.  Busy but fun weekend!  Hope yall enjoy some relaxation!  :)


  1. Sounds like you have an adorable boyfriend on your hands! Glad to see you are being treated as well as you deserve sweet girl!

  2. so sweet he brought flowers!!!! love that!!!
    and I LOVE the "nastics"!!!!! That cracks me up!!!

  3. Anna kate is adorable! Hope you're having a great weekend!