Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lilly Warehouse Sale Recap!

Oh my goodness!  We had a BLAST at the Lilly sale yesterday!  As yall know, it was our first trip up for it.  We had no idea what to expect and anything we knew, it was from reading yall's blogs!  Suz flew in from Raleigh and I from Charlotte.  We got in about 8:30pm on Tuesday and headed straight to the Convention Center to scope things out. 

Once there, we were snooping around the Center to see where the actual sale was.  We found it and peered in until the security guard made us go away!  We also met a couple girls and moms together.  They had stood in line that day and gotten ticket numbers to line up the next morning.  THEY HAD TWO EXTRA!  Yall - this was a hot commodity.  They gave out 350 tickets and you got in the sale in that order.  Everyone else had to get there around 3am to line up.  Craziness!  We were and still are sooo thankful for their good deed!  Here is Suz:
Here are our tickets!!!  We went to our hotel jumping for joy that we received these!  Seriously, what were the chances?!
They had everyone line up upstairs and took group by group downstairs to line up.  This was as we were walking down the stairs.
These are our friends that were so sweet to give us our tickets!  Sara and Erin and Mamas (they were from NJ and couldn't believe we flew up for the sale)!
This is what it looks like inside.  Everything is grouped by product and size so it made it really easy to find what you wanted. 
This is Suz and I after a few long hours!  The sale began at 5am and we finished up about 9:30am.  This is after 3 times of putting a bunch of stuff in our bag and going into a corner to try it all on.  There were no mirrors or real dressing rooms! 
The goods!!!  Top left of my bed is a navy dress that was originally $298 and I got it for $69.  Top middle is a tube top.  Top right is a $10 dress I got!  Lil girl's tunic is on the far middle right.  Navy skirt with nautical ropes in the middle.  Pink murfee scarf.  Green capris on the far left.  Men's bathing suit for $19 for Kevin (shh, don't tell!), patchwork skirt, and my biggest splurge was the bottom right - navy shift dress....still under $90 for it!  As yall can tell, they had some awesome deals.  I'm going to add up all the original prices and see how much I saved! 
All in all, we are SO glad we went.  We really had a great time and will definitely go back.  We now know that we need to stand in line the day before for a line number.  We just got lucky this time! 

After the sale, we went to King of Prussia mall and walked around there.  Needless to say, we were spent out by then!  We headed to the airport and came back south!  I kept looking at all my stuff and probably still will for a long time!  I have never spent that much money on clothes at once!!!

Can't wait to hear what everyone else got at the sale!  Please share!


  1. Thanks for the GREAT recap, Annie! I'm debating whether or not to go up Saturday. I love everything you got, especially the patchwork skirt and navy dress.

  2. Great finds, thanks for the recap! :)

  3. I've never been to a Lilly sale, and I actually don't own any Lilly! I think it is so cute though, so I really should invest in some, eh? :)

    I do love the navy shift dress!

  4. Oh my gosh! How fun! That looks like heaven. :)

  5. It looks like you got some GREAT stuff! I ended up going yesterday afternoon. We have done the 5:00 am thing before but weren't up for it this year! Maybe next time I will get a number the day before. I am going to do a recap post too. xx

    ps: I LOVE the nautical ropes skirt!

  6. You got great stuff! I love the patchwork dress! You were so lucky to get numbers and so fun that you made friends with someone else! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'll do my recap post this evening~ thanks for the photos. Good times! Love your stuff! :)

  8. Great recap! I love the navy dress; it's just adorable! I had no idea about the Lilly sale; thanks for opening my eyes...I may be up there next year!

  9. AHHH! So cute! I can't wait to hear even more details! Let's get together soon!

  10. Thank you so much for posting pictures of the Lilly sale! I had no idea what it looked like. I will have to make a special trip to go next time. I found your blog through the Follow Friday!

  11. Hey Girl! Glad you made it out successfully! Next year hopefully we can meet up, xo! Rachie C