Monday, July 12, 2021

Rest of the Week and Weekend

Well I know everywhere on the east coast was affected by Elsa last week. Hopefully everyone is okay! We got a big storm early Thursday morning and it was very windy the rest of the day but we made it through. The storm actually hit at high tide but thankfully all was okay. We are new to this hurricane/tropical storm situation with a house at the beach!

Dad made this happen with some cinder blocks and wood from Lowes!! We got the golf cart up 24" to the bottom of it and 28" to the center of the battery area. Our high water mark for the house from previous storms was 27". So we thought we'd be in pretty good shape. 

The kiddos reading in Grady's room. She loves to read to him. 

Molly Anne built this Lego Beach House in basically a day and asked my Dad and I each one question but she already knew the right answer for both. So yep. Such a fun gift from the girls next door for her birthday! 

We finally finished a puzzle that's been going on for a few weeks. Our living area looks so clean and neat now without the puzzle all over the coffee table. I do like a puzzle though!

And we grabbed some shrimp from Sheffields which were delicious fried like my Dad did them! We had to do it in the garage because it was still so windy outside!

Molly Anne was soooo good that day so when Kevin got back to the beach from working in Charlotte, we took her to the arcade with just the three of us (Grady was in bed at home with my parents). 

Friday morning I went for an early run around the island and walked onto the beach to check things out the morning after the storm. Waves were rough and lots of shells on the beach. 

We met some friends out on the beach on Friday. Matchy matchy - hers and mine. My glasses are by Nectar. I need to do a post about how awesome they are. 

The boys!

My kiddos are beach bums at this point. They love it so much. There are not many rules on the beach and it's very hard for them to get in trouble. It's just a good spot to be in for everyone!

Friday night we loaded up and went to the concert at the town park. 

It was so fun!

We were still unloading and when we got upstairs we found her chillin like this. She's a hoot. 

Saturday morning at 59 Causeway. We went here about 10 times in the last 11 days it feels like. Not quite but close haha!

Then Mom and I took the kids to play putt putt. Mom is still quite competitive! ;) She beat me by 5 strokes!! 

Her first hole in one!

Grady got one too!

Lazy nap time for the pups. Mills loves the beach. His favorite spot is the back porch! He likes the breeze and watching the boats go by!

I did some fishing on Saturday during Grady's nap and it was fun. Kevin and Molly Anne joined me for a bit too. Kevin said to me, "this is good for you, you don't have your phone and you're doing something you like!" I said wow what a concept ha! I'm always in a rush in EVERYTHING and it honestly was nice to hang down there on the dock and mess around. Maybe I should do it more often!

We got the kids kayak out that the previous owners left us and Molly Anne and Grady LOVED that! She paddled him around for a little bit.

Our friends came over for dinner and we did shrimp again, some grouper bites and steamed some crabs we caught off the dock. Had corn, potato salad and slaw with it. The summer meal! We hung on the dock some more and fished. 

Grady was a tired boy with Nannie and convinced Poppa to let him watch tractors on his phone!

Night night!

This boy needs some sleep. He was a pistol this week but I'm hoping it's just a phase. So yep you see all of these cute pictures but just know that it wasn't all cute and fun. Grady gave me a run for my money in a big way. There were days he went to time out many times. He's a mess right now but this too shall pass! :)

Have a great week yall! Back to reality for me. We had some treasured family moments that I'll always be thankful for. 


  1. I LOVE seeing all the fun you guys are having at OIB!

  2. Life is better at the beach :)! We got Elsa and her aftermath up in the northeast on Friday and Saturday! The waves were wild!! Glad you all stayed safe and had a fun weekend!!