Tuesday, July 6, 2021

First Part of 4th Weekend

We loveeee July 4th weekend because it’s Molly Anne’s birthday! In fact, it’s always been a special time for us because Kevin and I got engaged on July 3, 2011 so this was 10 years. I’m ashamed to admit that I realized that the day after. I was also due with Molly Anne on the 3rd so things get very exciting around this time!

We all drove down to the beach on Thursday to beat the holiday traffic. I took the kids and Mills then Kevin met us there after he took care of some work stuff. My parents also came down!

Napkins and cute headbands for the kids courtesy of Swoozies. I always love going in there so I stopped by for about 5 min before I left Charlotte last week. 

Grady and I made our usual trip up to Sheffield’s which is actually a gas station but they have EVERYTHING. Including fresh grouper from Holden Beach and tomatoes from a local guy that the owner knows. We had those with old bay corn. Perfect summer meal. We have seasoning that we got from Island Seafood here and we use that on all of the fish and my dad grills it on a sheet pan. It’s always so good! The kids even liked the grouper!

After dinner we took the golf cart over to the beach. It’s the best time of day to be out there!

After the kiddos were in bed, mom and dad kept the kids and Kevin and I went to meet a coworker of mine and his wife up at Jinks! Then we stopped by the perch then headed to his parents house. Wayyy too much fun for a Thursday night haha!! It was fun going out though. I think that’s the first time we’ve gone out and about here (not to a friends house!). 

59 Causeway was definitely needed! We can’t stop going here!

Fishing boys while Hilary and I worked out! You don’t wanna see any pics of that!

During nap time Molly Anne and my Dad did science experiments with a gift that Shauna and Brad sent her for her birthday. It was a major highlight!

And Mom and I went to a couple of shops then ended up at the tiki bar at OIFC!

Since it had rained most of the afternoon we figured we would try our luck for dinner at Inlet View. Fortunately it was only a 30 min wait!

Her first (virgin) strawberry daiquiri that poppa surprised them with. She LOVED it. I have lots of memories having these growing up when we went out to special dinners! Of course she had to have a refill. 

And you don’t think Poppa could say no do you?!

Go kart racing after dinner. My kids love doing this sooo much! It’s a fun activity and they giggle and go wild over it!

On Saturday our friends invited us out on their boat to go up to Holden Beach for lunch at Provisions! It was such a fun time! We all loved it and now of course we need a boat. Not happening…yet. 

We came back then headed right to the beach!

That night we had a low country boil!

Birthday eve!! 

Last day being 5!

Double trouble. They were going back to our house to grab something then ended up at the perch and got these leis. They’re a mess. 

Next up, Molly Anne’s actual birthday - July 4th!


  1. Where is your lovely red & blue/ white necklace from?? Love it!

    1. https://www.lauracoxcollection.com/

      Send her a note and I bet she can make one for you! :)