Friday, July 9, 2021

Five on Friday

When you have to powerwash your crab trap but your power washer is at home. And your Dad is smart and says let's head to the car wash! New crab trap now!

We got the WaterMat out that the previous owners left us. It was so fun! This is a link to a similar one. Same brand. The people that owned our house before us left it behind for us to enjoy! 

Watching fireworks on the 6th from our back porch. Perfect view of them. She loved them...Grady wasn't as thrilled but that's because he thought fireworks were what he burned his hand on on Sunday. He finally enjoyed them as he laid on me. I didn't hate it! ;)

Scenes from Wednesday! Little quiet time for all.

Couple mile bike ride. They love it so much. I walked/ran beside them. 

Mills will sprint right out to the dock…wild animal! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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