Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Recipe and Lunch

I have not been cooking at all, for weeks. Kevin has been pretty much holding the fort down for dinners because I have been a zoo. But I miss cooking. Last night it was raining and I had a squash and zucchini. I had remembered an au gratin that Natalie posted recently and when I searched her blog, I found this recipe. I halved it. With the rainy weather and a casserole type thing, it was so good. Molly Anne even had a couple bites. Oh I didn't have gruyere either so I used cheddar. Anyway, add it to your list if you're looking for something different.  

Evidently this post is all about food. Anyone had Mezeh yet? It's in Strawberry Hill in Charlotte for anyone near by. It is so delicious. It's a mix between Yafo and Cava. Lots of veggies. I always need a big reset after a weekend so this did the trick yesterday for lunch at my desk!

I'm thinking that when Molly Anne goes back to school and we get on a better schedule, I'll cook more than nachos, taco salads or grilled chicken. We shall see!


  1. There is no real cooking happening at our house this time of year - if it can't be grilled it is most likely something straight from the fridge! When school starts I'll get back into routine (or so I tell myself!).