Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Molly Anne’s Birthday - July 4th

Molly Anne turned 6 on July 4th!! It’s always a big and exciting day in our world and she LOVES her birthday!

Good morning sunshine!

Opening her gifts from us!

This dog that she named Mills (haha!) was probably her favorite. 

Then a delivery came from my parents! A new 20” bike with gears!!! 

It’s a lot different than her old bike but she’s already mastered it after a day! She’s been cruising up and down our street! Our next door neighbors brought it to the beach for us for the ultimate surprise!

Grady had to nap on Sunday so Kevin took her to the beach with the crew! They had a blast!

My parents and I decorated the golf cart because Molly Anne wanted to be IN the parade! Because why not?!! 

And of course Mills had to be in the parade! We lined up about an hour prior to starting to move. It was HOT. Kept Mills hydrated with Miller Lite and water and the kids with water and lollipops!

We played tunes on our Sonos Move and scooted down the parade route and saw lots of people we knew!

After the parade we headed to our friends house for a cookout! I had picked up cupcakes and Hilary had the cute idea to put them in the shape of a 6!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Hilary snapped this and sent it to me! xo

The grandmamas and mamas!

Poppa and Grady relaxing. Grady had had a longggg week at this point!

Then he liked the sparklers so much that he grabbed some used ones from Steve’s hand and burnt his finger. He’s okay. 

We came back and hung on the back porch to watch some fireworks. OIB wasn’t doing their fireworks until the 6th (last night) but we still got to see some around us!

Cutie girl!

So proud to be her mama!! 

She took our picture!

The next day we really laid low. Mom and Dad did some errands for us and we went to the beach for a couple hours. Had to get back in time for nap and chill time. 

I love this picture! New background on my phone. 

Grady slept from 1:30-5:30. Got up had dinner then went back to bed at 7:30! Ha. He needed to play catch up. My parents and I watched this gorgeous sunset from the back porch. 

That was Sunday and Monday!

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  1. The 4th of July at the beach is just the ABSOLUTE best! and we had such gorgeous weather!