Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're so lucky.

Yesterday I traveled up to outside of Blacksburg, Virginia for work.  I don't like to put the small town name just in case someone searches...  Today I am probably in the air as we speak to outside of DC for a quick day trip to look at a building we're constructing.  Tomorrow I'm going to Boone area for another day trip.  Saturday Kevin and I fly down to New Orleans for the BCS National Championship game (on Monday night) until Tuesday.  Next Wednesday/Thursday I'm back in the air again to VA Beach.  Whew.  I'm glad I got that out there so I remember where to go this next week! 

But that's not what I wanted to talk about today.  Well it sorta is but anyway....

Yall know I travel for work.  Well I usually go to really small towns up and down the east coast from Massachusetts down to South Carolina.  Towns that are 45 minutes from a Wal-Mart or Target.  Towns that have zero chain restaurants like Applebees.  Towns that have so many trailers and the poverty is so great.

But in these towns, life is easy.  I LOVE it.  Everyone is so nice.  Today I was taking some pictures and this man came up to me just to say hi and told me to have a good day.  Genuine. 

As you may know, I go to these towns to look at potential sites for some retailers we develop for.  When we tell them that it is a possibility that our tenant may come to town, you should see the look on their face.  They just get so excited.  If I told you the tenant, you probably haven't been to one, maybe you have but it isn't where you all go shop for clothes.  But these people are soooo excited just to have somewhere for clothes and necessities.  They are excited about the possibility of bringing 20 jobs to their community.  I can't imagine. 

(And I must say after I went into the store when I started working on them, they are pretty cool...and have anything you need!)

Anyway, the point is, I've been reminded many times over the last 5 years as I go visit these small towns or drive through certain areas of the country -  we are so lucky.  So lucky. 

One of my favorite quotes of Kevin's is - "The more you have, the more complicated your life is."  It's true. 

I just love going to these places, seeing new things, meeting new people and getting back to reality.  I think we all get wrapped up in where we live, what we wear, who we associate with....I'm challenging myself this year to really not care about how pretty my living room is or what so and so will think of what I wear.  It isn't about that. 


  1. As I read this I was grinning from ear to ear because I can relate. I too, travel for my job. And although I go to a lot of cities, I spend the majority of my time in small towns, of which most, including me, had never heard of before. They are just lovely. They have no Starbucks, but there's always a Dollar Tree, Subway and Dominos pizza. I can just relate to this post in so many ways!!

  2. So jealous you're going to the BCS game!!
    Do me a favor and get me shirt. Would you? We can get together when you get back and I'll give you the $$!
    I'm sure you and Kevin will be rooting for them. Right???????!!!

  3. I live in Blacksburg!! :) Love this, so true :)

  4. so so true annie! i travel to smaller towns in western nc and it is the same thing in those areas. ah to have a more simple life!

  5. Blacksburg is my favorite place in the world, but it is so amazing to see how many little towns around there are struggling to keep up! I took an Appalachian Studies class while I was at VT and part of our grades was doing service projects in the surrounding areas. It really makes you (esp. as a college kid) stop and think about how great we all have it! We really are so lucky!

  6. Annie, this post brought tears to my eyes!! You are so right--I didn't my student teaching in one of those very small towns about an hour from Richmond and every day it opened my eyes to how lucky I am, but also, how many other things in life can bring happiness that I take for granted!

  7. i love small towns/more rural america. there is just something about it. i grew up in an area where it was more farms and less development (now it has changed). and i love traveling through those places - especially as i've gotten to see more of the country.

    have fun in new orleans! that must be awesome to be there for the game!