Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - What's Done So Far

I'm on the road again today so this will be short and sweet but I thought an update on wedding planning was in order!

1.  I've booked the bandStill Cruzin' (AKA - The Party Band of the South).  Thanks to Katie for recommending these guys.  Evidently they put on a heckuva show at her wedding and some of her friends have booked them since her big day!  I cannot wait!  Yall they have five lead vocalists!

2.  Church is done but you all already knew that.

3.  Photographer - Terra Bailey.  She is the sweetest lady ever and her work is fabulous.  My very helpful and smart cousin Laura reviewed a million photographers work for us and she approved of Terra's!  Laura worked with a photographer in Atlanta so she knows what to look for.  Thank you Laura SO much!

4.  We're pretty much set on the venue but need to work out details.  Mom is coming down in 1.5 weeks and we're going to get lots of things done, including this.

5.  Dress - I'm pretty sure I know which one I'm going to get but I want to try lots of others on between now and the designer's trunk show late February.  Therefore, I'm trying one on in Baltimore on Tuesday while I'm there for work and Mom and I are going to two other places in Charlotte when she comes here.  I have time so why not be completely sure?!

6.  Florists - we're meeting with two the weekend Mom is here.

7.  Stationery - we're meeting with Salutations here in Charlotte when Mom is here.  She also has a place back home in Maryland she is going to get pricing from.

8.  Cake - we'll get to this eventually but I have a couple places already picked out.  And I already know what we want the cake to look like and flavors.

9.  Room blocks - those are done but we can't book actual rooms until 1 year out.

10.  Gifts - this week I've been brainstorming hostess and wedding party gifts.  It'd probably help if we asked the wedding party but we haven't gotten there yet.

I think I've gotten a lot of things done but there are lots of details to fill in!  What am I missing yall?!  Are there other things you would like to hear about next Wednesday?


  1. oh my, you've been busy! I love Terra Baileys work! Everything is coming together so perfectly! yay!

  2. You're doing fabulous!! Yay for nailing down details. I absolutely love Salutations! I went there when I was in Charlotte last spring for a wedding. Hooray for trying on wedding dresses! Isn't it the best!?

  3. Just as I knew you would, you're doing great! Being so on top of things now will make it more relaxing & fun as the time gets closer! Please let me know what I can do to help!!

  4. Wow!! You are making huge progress--that band sounds great!! I can't wait to see your dress (though I know it'll be awhile before you can reveal it on the blog)! Finally, I think getting gifts for the wedding party will be one of the more fun planning jobs!

  5. You are making so much progress--yay!! You're so on top of everything! I can't wait to see your dress, even though I know it will be a while! I know it will be gorgeous!

  6. Looks like you're making good progress! So fun!! Do you have an appointment with A Place for Flowers?! If not, schedule one for sure!! They are amazing!

  7. Sounds like you're making such great progress! So exciting!

  8. love hearing about your wedding planning!