Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lindsay and Vlad Engagement

I received the best phone call last night around 8:30pm that my bestest from 3 years old had gotten engaged! 

Congratulations to Lindsay and Vlad!  We are SO happy for you both and knew it was a matter of time.  You two are perfect together!
Isn't her cushion cut ring stunning?!  Bling bling my friends!

She had no idea it was coming....they talk about it a lot but he is still in school for dermotology.  This was a typical Monday night and Lindsay thought she was going to his house for a movie night and take out dinner... He evidently lead her over to a posterboard of all the notes she had left him in chronological order and the last one was dated yesterday and was blank.  He wrote on it "will you marry me" and got down on one knee.  SO adorable!  Then he had Del Friscos brought in and they enjoyed it in an apartment that holds so many of their memories.  Vlad is so very thoughtful and seriously the nicest guy.

We wish you both the very best!  Cheers to you both and enjoy your engagement!