Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Friday

Hope you all have had a nice week!  Been busy here but I'm getting my act back together.  Remind me to not do 5 different trips in 8 days ever again.

 - I need to get back on the train of menu planning.  I plan to start Sunday assuming Kevin and I are both over this cold we have.  Right now nothing tastes good except the smoothies he makes me.

 - I haven't run in an entire week and I'm about to go crazy!

 - It was SUPER windy here last night in Charlotte.  Windy + high rise condo = no sleep.

 - Are any of yall on a spending freeze?  I'm trying to be so good since the holidays and so far I've done well.  I like to start the year off right with all that!

 - Kevin and I talked wedding stuff last night.  We discussed wedding party numbers (still haven't decided on big or super small), rehearsal dinner options and stationery.  He cracked up at the stationery meeting I told him about that Mom and I are going to in a couple weeks.  He thinks that sort of stuff is outrageous.  But come on, we aren't sending an evite out for the wedding!  It must be pretty!

 - We haven't even really had a winter in Charlotte but it's suppose to get colder this weekend.  I'm already ready for Spring.  Come quickly March!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend my friends! 


  1. We have been fighting this cold thing too. I'm SOO over it.
    I bet you are exhausted!
    I didn't crazy with my invites. I bought them off of Wedding Paper Divas.
    Still nice but I opted out of the tissue and such.
    Brad's big complaint when were planning was registering for china.
    He was such a big baby about it!! Now he sees we use and is cool..but OMG, that's the only thing we fought about overall.

  2. Hasn't this weather been just divine? This is only my 2nd winter in NC, so compared to last year I'm in heaven. Haha!! I love it when it snows, but this warmer weather reminds me of where I'm from, and I love it!

    Good luck with all of the wedding planning! Do you both have a date set? How long have you been engaged? Do you have a blog post where I can get caught up on your relationship??

  3. hope you're feeling better annie! colds are no fun! and this NC weather is so crazy - can't believe it's mid jan without a "real" winter! i'm definitely not complaining ;) xoxo

  4. Okay, winter is here Annie! Grant and I went on a run yesterday and I think I almost froze.

    Just finished a post and thought you'd like to play...

    Have fun!

  5. I'm dying to get out running too but it has been so cold!

  6. I think someday I'll be in the same position regarding the wedding party--I could easily have two or three, but it'd be very difficult to have more as I couldn't have x and not y etc. Good luck and I hope you're over your cold! :)