Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On My Mind

While I'm up north for work this week, I figured it'd be a good time to chat about something that's been on my mind lately.

friends and balance.

Like with everything, there is a healthy balance of hanging out with friends, hanging out with your sig other and having a little alone time. 

Kevin and I are very lucky and each have lots of friends.  This is something I really liked about Kevin when we first started dating because he could go have guy time and I could go have girl time.  We both value our relationships with our friends and think that guys nights and girls nights are very important.  I've always been thankful that we both are on the same page about this. 

Now that we're a little older we have quite a few couple friends too like I posted about yesterday.  This is great because we all enjoy spending time together.

But there are sooo many friends of ours that we want to get together with or they want to get together with us and we just don't have enough time.  I hate this.  But it's reality.  We all have lives to live, we all need time with our sig other, we all have to work, we all have other people to see.  It's seriously a joke at this point about our schedule.  People at my office kid me about how many wedding or baby showers I have in a weekend.  Kevin and I seriously schedule a couple months in advance.  I remember a point last summer where we had something every single weekend through Thanksgiving.  That my friends, is ridiculous.  Poor Kevin haha!

Please don't get me wrong....I'm soooo thankful for our friends and have no clue what we'd do without them.  But ahhh it's so frustrating to not always have time to go see or hang out with everyone.  And the worst part is I feel SO guilty about it.  All the time.  I just don't know what to do.

And the guest list for our wedding....HA.  That's a different story in itself.  I REALLY have no clue what to do about that.  It's unbelievable.  Would we invite everyone if we could?  Absolutely.  Have we won the lottery?  No.  :)  It's just going to be how it is and I pray that we don't hurt feelings. 

Anyway, this has just been on my mind.  Do any of you all feel like this sometimes? 


Melissa said...

Oh girl, I totally get you on this. We have the same problem. We are so busy and our schedules are so unpredictable with work that it is so hard to plan something, especially at the last minute. When we do have a free weekend, we usually (shamefully) just want to stay home and relax.

It's so hard to find a balance but I think that is just the season of life right now, and I think the good news is that everyone is in the same season and understands.

Regarding the guest list... I remember that all too well and it was no fun. The worst part is the whole phenomenon of, "Well if I invite so-and-so then I also have to invite these other five people." I'll be praying that no feelings are hurt in the process!


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Good luck with your wedding list...I imagine that's very hard. Couple friends are the best! xx

Thayers said...

When I started reading this I had a feeling wedding guest list was going to come up. :) Guest lists are always hard no matter what. But dont worry, people understand, especially people that have already been through it. So just have fun and don't let it stress you out!

eas said...

You all are so lucky to have so many couple friends you love so much. I know it's crazy but we schedule weekends where we don't plan anything because otherwise we'd drive ourselves into the ground. It's hard and I wouldn't miss something important but it helps.

Dee Stephens said...

You two are super busy. My friend Amanda is a lot like ya'll and she has a wedding every weekend it seems.
She's been in 14!
As far as the guest list -- You need to let people no upfront that you're not going to be able to invite everyone.
I felt bad about this too b/c I wanted to invite nearly everyone I work with.
I felt so guilty about it but people understand.
Believe me.. at $100 a head they need to.

Alayna said...

OMG my cousin DEE just sent me your post. I'm working on my wedding list. I want to include so many friends - most of whom we see regularly. But, I'm expected to invite great great Aunt Gertrude, etc. Such a hard call.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I can definitely relate to this--Bryce and I actually sat down and had a long talk about two weeks ago regarding this very subject. We're both incredibly close with our families as well as friends and couple friends. Additionally, I am someone that absolutely needs my alone time to re-energize. I think being aware of the issue is the biggest part of helping to find the balance, and what's nice about friendships is that they don't all require the same things, you'll always have friends you talk to all the time and you'll also always have friends that you only catch up with every now and then.

Emily said...

Hunter and I are struggling with balance right now too. It's a little different for us because we are in a LDR and when we see each other we want to spend time with each other...but in Charlotte we both have friend, and in Boone we both have friends. it's hard to balance our needs along with our "friend" needs! I can't even imagine your guest list situation! That would be a hard decision, but I hope everyone understands... we don't have money trees and we can't invited EVERYONE :) PS next time I come to Charlotte I would love to meet up with you and have lunch or something!!