Monday, January 23, 2012

Triple Date

On Saturday night, we had a triple date with our friends Emily & Brett and Josh & Wendy.

You guys probably remember this crew because we go on triple dates with them a lot.  It's kinda become our lil tradition every few months that we either go to someone's house or go out to a restaurant.  This time we tried Hickory Tavern in the midtown area.  They just opened so it was fun for something different.
Me, Kevin, Josh holding sleepy Brooklyn, Wendy, Emily, Brett
And it's also been really cool because us as a group has changed so much over the years of doing this.  When we all started, Josh and Wendy were just married the year before.  Emily and Brett had been married a few years.  And of course Kevin and I were only dating.  Since then, Josh and Wendy have had a little girl, Emily is pregnant with a lil boy due April 1 and Kevin and I are finally engaged.

It's been just so funny how these little dinners have changed and soon we'll have two little ones with us!

PS - I haven't been able to comment on some of your blogs because of Blogger.  It tries to load the comment form and it won't come up.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon and meanwhile, please don't think I'm ignoring you all!


  1. Fun! My issue now is that the bank has now blocked all blogspot pages!! I'm on my phone now!! Ugh!!

  2. Cute! I want to have a little group like that. It'd be so fun to see it grow over the years.

  3. Blogger totally quit on me last week too. You all look adorable

  4. How fun to have friends that you get to celebrate such major milestones with. You look absolutely wonderful in this photo. That sweater is a great color on you. :)

  5. What a fun tradition--you are looking svelte!

  6. what a fun group! and i am loving your cute outfit! that color blouse looks great on you :)

    ps. tagged you in a fun little "facts" post on my blog -- check it out!