Friday, January 20, 2012


Yall is it terrible I'm already looking forward to Spring?  Winter has hardly even started in Charlotte but I cannot wait for the next season!  I'm not really a winter person, I love Spring weather - days are longer, the clothes and being outside more. 

I'm one of those that saves gift cards.  Are you all that type or do you go spend them right away?  This year I received a couple really nice gift cards for Christmas and I cannot wait to use them on Spring clothes.  I've basically decided since living in Charlotte that I don't need many sweaters, heck I hardly wear a coat except out at night walking around downtown.  And of course when I go up north for work.  So why not save the gift cards for pretty spring pieces?! 

Like this one...

Or a new Lilly dress for a wedding event...

What are you looking forward to with Spring around the corner?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy Friday! I am just dying over that Lilly print and that dress is too cute. Gift cards burn holes in my pockets and I often use them quickly, but I'm attempting to be a bit better about pre-planning my purchases. ;)

    You've been tagged in a fun little blogger fun if you'd like to play along.

  2. I love that skirt! I try to hold on to giftcards, but sometimes I spend them too quickly! I can't wait to buy some new dresses for spring!

  3. So i've been eyeing that Lilly dress and you think it would be good for a wedding? I was thinking it would be too causal, but it would just give me more reason to buy it if I could pull it off at a wedding or two. Thoughts?

  4. I am dying for Spring, and it gets quite cold in Virginia!

  5. I am ready for spring, too. It is so warm today that I have my back door open. Our winter weather has been crazy. I have a feeling that it is going to get super cold soon and last for a while. I got a few gift cards for Christmas that I am saving for spring stuff, too. Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm a winter girl and am wishing for snow! Keep spring away for a few more months please :)

  7. I am right there with you! I already have spring fever and it's only January!

  8. Love, love, love the Lilly Dress. I can't wait for spring when I (in the midwest) can wear fun clothes again!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness I want that yellow skirt! I usually start feeling like I can't wait for spring to arrive about this time of year (when I start looking at all the fabulous spring fashion), but this year I feel like winter hasn't even started yet!