Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where in the World Wednesday - McClellanville, SC

It is time for Classy in Philly's Where in the World Wednesday. Feel free to head over to her blog and participate! Today I'm in McClellanville, South Carolina where I was a couple weeks ago over Easter weekend. My sister in law actually gave me the idea to write about this so while I was there I took pictures for this post - ha - thanks Em!

We traveled there by boat but it is accessible via Route 17 along the coast of SC and is very close to Charleston.

Parts of Forrest Gump were filmed here....can't you see that in this picture? It is beautiful!

We went to the small seafood restaurant in their center of town called TW Graham. It was one of those down home places that you had to get sweet tea and some fried seafood.

You get the drift...small South Carolina town....

This was inside. I loved that sign "No cussing, No drunks, No jerks, No second chance." Ha!
This concludes the lil tour of McClellanville, SC. Hope you stop by there on your next trip up the coast! It is super cute!


  1. Great pics...I love the "Forrest Gump" connection :-)

  2. Hi Annie! New follower here, HMMM, I am so intrigued to find out the name of this sweet little town!! :)

  3. absolutely gorgeous!! i need to explore more of the south, because i love it!

    and the black sand is unique to areas around volocanos, which santorini is a volcanic island. i had never heard of it either until i went!

  4. just found your blog and I am thrilled that you did a post on MCLV! my family has been vacationing here for years and it is truly one of my favorite places in this great state of SC :) We always rent a house on the creek for our stays and it is truly like being transported to a different time.

    We love TW Grahams! next time you stop by, have a cup of the corn will quickly become a favorite!