Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding Photos

And here are the big day photos!  Here are some of us getting our hair done at Jolie.  Beth, Me, Bride, Suz, Meghan.
I thought this was a cute picture!  I got my hair done to the right side and it was fun doing something different with it.  Most all of us loved our hair-do's!
The bride and I.  Isn't she gorgeous??!!  She gave the bridesmaids the necklaces we are wearing.  She got them made at a place in Charlotte that I go to every now and then - On A String.  It is in Myers Park and super fun! 
Kelly and her husband Brett dancing to their first song - Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road.
The bridesmaids with Kelly in the wedding party cocktail hour.
My parents drove down from Maryland for the big event!  It was pretty cool because all of our parents knew each other from sorority parents weekend back in the day and none of them had seen each other in about seven years so it was neat that they got to all hang out again!
Chi O's after singing shades.
Kelly and Brett with the children!  Most of these are their nieces and nephews on Brett's side!
Suz, her husband Jason, Brett, Kelly, Kevin and I.
My hot date Kevin and I. :)
And they are off to St. Lucia for 8 days!!!!

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