Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New "Decoration"

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So I had some extra time last week and ran by IKEA. Saw these cute little tins that are magnetic and you can put spices in and stick them somewhere. I'm not a big "stick things on the fridge" kind of gal because I don't like the clutter but I thought these turned out pretty cute! I got some clear labels from my office and wrote what each spice was. I think I may go get one more box of them (they are $4.99 for 3) and this will alleviate the chaos of spices in my cupboard.
As you will see in the coming weeks, I'm trying my best to "redo" my condo. It is so hard living in such a small space and seeing the same stuff for three years straight. Mom is helping me change it up a little bit with ideas of new candlesticks and pillows for my couch (cheap fixes for it to feel a lil different!). We will see how it turns out!


  1. those are awesome! Very practical & look great on the side of your frig! I can't believe I still havent been to IKEA. I might have to stop by on my way back in a few weekends

  2. Cute idea! I"m all about fun organization items.

  3. very cute! are they meant for spices, or did you think of that?

    i can't wait to start decorating my apartment this summer!

  4. Thanks yall! Not sure if they were meant for spices or not. I had seen it in another catalog with them holding spices so that's where the idea came from! :)