Monday, April 19, 2010

MIA and Clay's Birthday

Yall, I'm so sorry - I've been MIA. I have many excuses but the reality is - I've been busy! Craziness!

We went out to Alive After Five last Thursday night. It is a big after work gathering outside of the Wachovia headquarters and a ton of young professionals go. It was the perfect weather and a great 80's band was playing. We always love going to these every Thursday from April until September. Friday, I wasn't feeling too hot. Not sure if it was staying out too late the night before or the sinus infection from the week prior. Either way, it wasn't pretty. I'll spare you the details. Since I felt better by that evening, we went down to see Kevin's parents and brother and cruised over to Fort Lawn, South Carolina to the fish camp. Think extremely small town, middle of nowhere, fried fish, lots of sweet tea, hush puppies, slaw....the whole sha-bang.

Needless to say, Kevin and I rode 10 miles on our bikes Saturday morning - ha! We biked all through gorgeous Charlotte neighborhoods and dreamed of owning a house with a yard - instead of a 2 room condo (we each have a condo separately but in the same building, for my new followers - it's how we met)! We grilled out early Saturday evening with a bunch of neighbors and headed to a patio for a couple beverages and to enjoy the weather.

Sunday we went to an early breakfast at this down home spot on South Boulevard - Greystone. Quite the establishment. We then ran some more errands and hung with neighbors on the 10th floor for the Bobcats basketball playoff game last night. All in all, busy but fun weekend!

Today I traveled down to Columbia, SC (about 1.5 hours) for a work meeting - the reason for such a late post in the day! Also - wanted to send Happy Birthday wishes to my brother Clay! Hope you have the best day!
Hope yall enjoyed the wonderful weather and had great weekends! ;)


  1. What a fun weekend! You two are so precious. A lot of my friends that live in Charlotte love going to Alive after 5.

  2. sounds like a fun weekend!

    i wish i lived in a place where it was easy to go out. i miss being random and just heading out in the evening.