Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Year

I know, I know, super sappy! We celebrated one year on Saturday, the 3rd! I had just gotten back into town and this was on my counter....he used some of my Easter decorations and bought a cute little mum to put this together! I got ready and before we went to dinner, we exchanged little momentos. He gave me the most thoughtful card, a mani/pedi (because I haven't gotten on in almost a year!!! - I just can't fathom spending money on that for myself even though I love them!), and a beautiful pair of pearl earrings. They have a flat back so they look like the are squished down a little bit. They are really cool and something different to my standard pearl. I've worn them almost every day since!

I made him a scrapbook. Let me tell yall - I'm the most uncreative person EVER. I made this thing with a glue stick, rubber cement and a regular pair of scissors and that's IT! It isn't the cutest book but it has 20 pages of memories of the past year...and I figured that was the most important part. It was fun to do! My friend Tara works for Provo Craft so yall know when she sees it she is going to be ashamed of it - haha!!!

After some wine and the exchange, we went downstairs to Basil for dinner (it's a fabulous thai restaurant at the bottom of our building). It is our place - where we hit it off, where we went on our first date and have been on many between then and now. They just added a patio area so we sat out there.
We had fun celebrating! Okay, enough of the sappiness! Just wanted to document since this is a much easier way for me to "scrapbook." ;)


  1. Glad yall had a great time celebrating! Looking forward to seeing those new earrings!