Monday, February 22, 2010

Wendy's Big Day and Exhausted!

Yall must think I'm crazy but we celebrated another friend's birthday this weekend! It has been birthday's galore this month and we have another one in a couple weeks! (Yes, I shared my scarf that night!)
The birthday lady, 7 months pregnant and drinking water at the bar until 1:15am, with her husband!
Have yall just been completely exhausted and all you want to do is sleep? Well that's what I attempted to do this weekend. 12.5 hours later and this was after a two hour nap too! Whoa!
Basically feel like I didn't get much done other than spend three hours at one of Kevin's condos trying to get it rented! We met two girls over there and are hoping one of them says yes this week! Then we went to my first Southern Baptist church service last night...definitely different than the Methodist church I grew up in. Different strokes for different folks but glad I went to get a new perspective! ;)
Did yall have a good weekend?

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