Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kevin's Birthday Celebration!

Well we had so much fun celebrating Kevin's birthday last night.

My parents sent him a new Southern Tide shirt and he loved it. It is striped green. It will be very nice looking on him. He basically wears polos year round so this is right up his alley!
I gave him some Costa del Mars. Maybe I'm biased but he's pretty hot in these, don't ya think?!! He had broken sunglasses and had been wearing mine. Now he has his own!So his parents surprised him and took us all to Flemings. His brother and sister-in-law came too. It was a HUGE treat!

Random story - I had ordered him a Smith Island Cake which is 10 layers of yellow cake and chocolate icing. It is popular on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I grew up. Well they sent it last Friday regular mail so I would receive by Wednesday. And yall know how much snow they had gotten. Well yesterday I called when our mail had arrived and it didn't show up. I FREAKED out and came up with plan B. Go to Dean and Deluca and get him a chocolate peanut butter cake....which I did. I got home and received an email from USPS saying that the package was delivered. Oh my goodness yall, it was in the mail room in one of the boxes so it didn't go to our concierge. AHHHH. So we ended up with two cakes. It was fine and all worked out though!

Anyway, when we came back from dinner and walked into my place, all of our Avenue friends were there to surprise him! It was so perfect and he was shocked. Thanks to Wendy, my partner in crime - she let everyone in and set it all up! We enjoyed cake and did a little champagne toast! :)
Our Avenue friends...
Kevin's family and I. They treat me just like family, I'm SO lucky!
The birthday boy and I!!!
Thanks Kev for a fun week of planning this for you! I thought no one could surprise you?! HA!
He does have one more gift to open but he won't do that until Friday after work. All he knows is that we have plans starting at 6! And since he occasionally reads my blog, you all won't know either until it's over! Sorry! ;) ....but I promise, it is super fun!


  1. awww, looks like fun :)

    where on the eastern shore? i went to school there and i love and miss the eastern shore terribly!

  2. Yay! Glad you had a great time and he had a great birthday!