Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shopping with Kelly

My friend Kelly came into town last night from Raleigh for work so we hung out. Of course we went to the mall and walked around. Kelly introduced me to these adorable JPK purses. Have you ever seen them? They are practical - they have a couple pockets inside and button at the top. I think it may be a necessary change from Longchamp one of these days! Here she is modeling the pink one -
Then we ventured over to the accessories department at Nordstrom. We were talking about hair pieces for her wedding and I thought this was super fun for a random day or night out. I know some of yall talk about headbands on your blog but I am just never creative enough to put something like that together. It is kinda hard to see because of the lighting but it is an ivory poof! And PS - this picture is terrible (I ran at lunch yesterday so my hair was foul looking).
AND the best part?! She gave me my bridesmaid's dress for her wedding in April! It is SO pretty! But I'll save that picture for April 26th (the Monday after her wedding!).


  1. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I like that headband! I wish I could wear them, but my hair is so think that they never hold it! Boooo!