Monday, February 8, 2010

Dinner with friends

We had a blast on Saturday night at Brett and Emily's house with Josh and Wendy! They have the most adorable house in the most adorable neighborhood!

Quick story about how we know them: So I used to work with Brett and Emily works with Wendy. Wendy and Josh live in our building uptown. I met Josh and Wendy at Brett and Emily's wedding in New York in October of 2007 even though we hadn't moved into our building yet. Then Kevin met Josh and Wendy at some Avenue events. Anyway, it is pretty cool that we all know each other different ways. This is the first time the six of us have gotten together. Emily made some amazing chili, Wendy made cornbread and I brought some wine. Emily also made some really good low fat brownies for dessert. Thank you all for having us over!!! We need to do it more often!

Brett, Emily, Josh, Wendy (who looks amazing at 7 months pregnant!), B, Kevin

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