Monday, February 15, 2010

The "Surprise"

Hey yall! So today I'm probably going to do three separate posts to recap this weekend. It was THAT exciting!

Remember I told yall about the surprise for Kevin on Friday night for his extended birthday celebration? Welllll, he already knew about it by the time he got home from work. Ahh! Oh well, it isn't the end of the world. I had gotten him tickets to The Marshall Tucker Band at The Neighborhood Theatre (aka hole in the wall in the NoDa area of Charlotte). His brother and sister in law also came up for the festivities (this was a surprise still!). Then we went down to Stool Pigeons (our favorite hang out) and I had organized for a bunch of different groups of his friends to be there to surprise him. He still had a blast hanging out with everyone (okay, maybe too much fun).

Here are my girls....Brittany (Kev's SIL), B, Lauren and Tara. Thank yall for coming!
Kevin and his friend Brad from high school. Brad gave Kevin a Zen Garden. Yes, they are that random.
Kev and his high school buddies. I think it is so cool they all still hang out!
All of Kevin's friends that came out for his birthday! Sorry about the flast in the mirror! :)
Around 8:45, we left for the concert. We stayed there for about 4 songs and then Kevin wanted to go back to the bar where his friends are. When I first planned this, I honestly thought more people would go to the concert but the tickets were a little steep. Oh well, we still had fun when we went back to see everyone.
Brittany and Joe...they are presch!
Lindsey, Kev, Rob. Kev probably shouldn't have been out at this point, but it was his birthday so it was okay! Maybe they are holding him up? Not sure, haha!
It was a fun night! Thank you everyone for coming out!

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