Monday, December 14, 2009

Sidewalk Sale

On Friday night, Kevin and I went to Basil (our favorite restaurant at the bottom of our building). It was fun to have a date night out! Then we went upstairs and hung out with our friends Wendy and Josh. It happened to be their 6 month anniversary and they had just received their wedding video. We got to check that out with them.... it was great! We got to relive being in Mexico - being tan and always having a drink in our hand!

Saturday we headed doing to south of Charlotte to see Kevin's parents and his brother and sister in law. We had fun looking at photo albums from when they were growing up and visiting with them. After dinner, we headed back to uptown and stopped in many neighborhoods checking out Christmas lights!

Sunday we went to Asheville to the J. Crew sidewalk sale! Kevin took my car while i was in there and went to Best Buy. You know you shopped too much when the next day your lower back hurts from going through so many bins of clothes! I came out with a wool cardigan, bathing suit, short sleeved collared shirt for work and a cotton dress all for $55. What a steal! Here is a picture of the madness -
After the sidewalk sale, Kevin came back and we went around the corner to the Clearance Store. We had to take a picture -Kevin walked out with a pair of khaki pants and I came out with NOTHING! What a record!!!

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