Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nuss and Ash!

I know, I'm running a couple days late but I'm trying to post about one day at a time!

On Thursday I got to visit Nuss, my favorite teacher growing up. She taught us 12th grade English. It was SO great to see her - she was such an amazing role model to us at that age and I will always treasure her as a past teacher and most importantly as a friend. One of my best friends growing up (and still) also visited her at the same time and the three of us had the best time catching up.
Nuss (also known as Jill, haha!) had a child on November 5, 2006 named Evan. He is just adorable and we had fun playing with Thomas the Train!
Hopefully I haven't made any grammatical errors in this post since Nuss is reading it!!! :)

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