Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas time!

We had Kevin's parents, brother and uncle over for dinner the other night before they went to the Panthers game. I fixed some appetizers and we ordered dinner in....that was the plan, I wasn't a slacker ;). Here is my table set...

Then they went to the 8:20pm game - it was freezing. They look like they are ready for arctic!!! We were glad to be watching it in the comfort of home!

We celebrated Christmas with his parents on Tuesday night before everyone left - it was such a blast. They are so welcoming to me. I honestly feel like part of their family! His brother and sister in law went to her family's house in Atlanta and I came home to Maryland. Kevin had to work today, poor thing. Someone has to work for the family though!!! On our way back from their home, we went through downtown Waxhaw - it is so cute, this picture doesn't do it justice.
More pictures to come later today or tomorrow of family dinner (a day early) and other things that are going on around here! Hope yall are enjoying time with your family!!!

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