Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Traditions

This picture was in 2007 and Anna Kate was only 2.5 months old! Unfortunately Clay, Emily and Anna Kate aren't joining us this year (they are heading to Raleigh to see Emily's family). We will miss them so much. It will be weird not having them there.

Typically every year we have family Christmas Eve dinner with my Mom's cousins and their families. This year we are having it on the 23rd instead due to other's schedules. Christmas Eve we'll light the luminaires (which my Mom organized for the neighborhood this year), go to church then play Santa. We'll wake up Christmas morning, do Christmas, stockings and have the same brunch as we always do - an amazing breakfast casserole Mom makes. We always sit at the dining room table and she always gets too fancy with it!!! Typical Mom thing, ya know?!! It makes it special though!

What are your traditions?

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