Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Home Tour 2008

This weekend reminds me of last year this condo was part of the 4th Ward Holiday Home Tour in Charlotte. 1,100 people went through the tour last year and I felt very lucky to have my home be one of the stops! Mom and Dad came down to help me decorate...okay so Mom helped me decorate but Dad carried the big bins of greenery etc... Look at the adorable Carolers...they are a tradition in our house! Unfortunately I don't get these this year...they are up north for this season!
I love the pineapple/apple tree. Mom said she would send me hers so I can use it this year. I'm excited! This is my foyer area...
This is my bathroom all decorated last year...
Here is the main area of my place...the magnolia across the top of the cabinets was so pretty - it really made everything feel so festive. We're going to Kevin's parents house tomorrow and his Mom has a magnolia tree...if you see where I'm going with this.... Lots of Santas served as decorations (far left on the floor). Also, you can see on the right (on the countertop) - Mom MADE that tree!!! So creative! I loved having her here to help me put it up again this year. All it needs now are some batteries to get have the lights come on. I plan on doing that this weekend!
And finally, the Tour wouldn't have been possible without about 12 of my closest friends. They all helped me by being a volunteer to monitor people as they toured. Didn't want anyone to snag anything ;). Thank you girls! Here is Jen, B, Lauren and Beverly...
So tonight, since obviously my place isn't on tour this year, Kevin and I are volunteering at someone else's home. It will be fun to officially get in the Holiday spirit and visit with some new friends!

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