Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Decorating

I finally finished my Christmas decorating on Monday night! Here are some illegal wreath (we aren't allowed to have wreaths or doormats since I don't own the outside of my door in the condo building).
I LOVE this pineapple cone tree. This one is my Mom's and has been around awhile (it could be her Mom's, not sure). I think it is so cute and very Williamsburg-ish. You stick the pineapple on top and plug the apples into the cone. Then I put boxwood in between apples so you don't see the cone.
This is the magnolia that I mentioned I was getting from Kevin's parents home. I also put fake berries in it to spruce it up a bit. This is on top of my cabinets/bookshelves.
This is my one Christmas tree....not much room in 800 square feet for a real Christmas tree! Mom made this for me last year for the Holiday Home Tour. It was fun bringing it out again this year....she actually put it up for me when she was here for Thanksgiving. Isn't it adorable?! It sits on the countertop of my cabinets/bookshelves. And look at that precious girl next to niece!!!
This is another fun little creation that Mom did for me last year for the Home Tour. All of the ornaments at the base of the tree are each year from year 2003 of the White House. Do any of you collect these? You check them out here.
Hope yall had fun decorating your homes! It definitely gets you in the spirit!!

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