Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What Up Wednesday

Helloooooo Wednesday.

Been a busy week of work stuff and house stuff. 

Yesterday I drove 4.5 hours to a city outside of Atlanta, had an hour meeting then drove back.  Got back in time to grab Molly Anne, make it home for leftovers and then had some folks from Craigslist come over to buy our foosball table.  Thankfully that only took 30 minutes and now it's gone.  

Molly Anne ASKED to go to bed last night so she was down for the count by 7 and Kevin and I did house stuff.  Last night - it was figuring out what we want the post at the bottom of our stairs to look like.  

I'll save my house updates for tomorrow but we are in crunch time now yall!  

Today I'm staying organized and getting my act together for the second half of this week and a busy weekend coming up.  

Chat soon friends!

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