Friday, November 10, 2017

Five on Friday - Outfit, Meal, Mills, Molly Anne's Personality

Best dressed person in our house goes to Molly Anne!  I told her that yesterday after I got her dressed!  

It's a chilly morning in Charlotte, definitely the coldest so far this year.  I did ride to work with my heated seats on and the sunroof favorite!  

Here's my outfit for casual Friday at my office.  Tippi Sweater (will be my uniform this year, in every color), Jeans, Similar Shoes, Jacket that goes with dressy clothes and casual - and is 40% off today until Monday!  

Kevin asked me last week to make tomato soup so I finally did last night.  This was a recipe my friend Ashley told me about.  It was really good.  Kevin first tasted it and said this tastes different and not as good as usual.  I said well that's because this was made from scratch ha!  I didn't tell him that there were carrots in there! ;)   And then a few minutes later, his bowl was empty soooo!  I thought it was so good.  We had grilled cheeses on sourdough with provolone with it as well.  Molly Anne ate it all!

This little boy got a bath on Monday afternoon because it was 80+ degrees outside.  I knew it would probably be my last chance to get him smelling good.  He was so ashamed and hopes none of his golden friends behind us saw the wet boy out back on the patio getting hosed down.  Anyone else bathe their pooch on the back patio?  I've always done it!  About every other time I take him to get groomed....he gets a haircut about every 8 weeks but I wanted to wait to get that done until right before we take our Christmas card picture.  

Molly Anne's little personality is something else.  She has been OBSESSED with the number 8 on the clock this week.  So much so that I had to take her clock out of her room last night because she was staying up watching it turn 7:08, 7:18, 7:28.  It was ridiculous!  Earlier this week when I was cooking dinner, she asked to get in her high chair so she could watch the clock on the microwave and oven!  We are working on telling time now!  Hey, may as well be educational if she's that obsessed!

Another day after I picked her up, she wanted to put Elsa on and "take my picture Mama!"  I asked her who she wanted to send it to and she said, "Poppa!"  So that's what we did.  Dad got a kick out of that!  

Something else, anytime she sees a plane, I ask her who she wants to go on the plane with and she says Poppa every time.  I swear one day, my Dad is going to fly down and take her on a little day trip with him!  Wouldn't surprise me if he did it!

We have a busy weekend coming up!  Hope everyone has a good one!

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  1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is my favorite fall/winter comfort meal. So funny she is obsessed with the #8!