Monday, November 27, 2017

Catch Up Thanksgiving Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Here is a little catch up post from our world!

Last Wednesday Molly Anne went to Ms. Beckys for a couple hours and got to go in her pajamas.  She was the only one there so it was a big treat to get to take a few of her own toys to show Ms. Becky!  

After nap we ran over to the house and then to the playground and then back to the house.  I had to meet several people there and Molly Anne was an angel.  This girl loves a playground!

When we got home, Aunt Emily had sent Molly Anne two new puzzles as a special Thanksgiving treat!  She LOVED doing them all weekend!  Aunt Emily always knows the best things to buy for children!

Thursday Molly Anne, Mills and I ran our own turkey trot that morning!   It was chilly but good to get out there!  When we came home, we watched some of the NYC parade on TV!  

Then we got ready for Thankgiving lunch at Kevin's parent's club!  She was so excited to wear her pearl necklace and silver bracelet.  This was my pearl necklace and my parent's best friends gave her the silver bracelet when she was born!

I had to take some adorable pictures of our little queenie all dressed up!

She was actually pretty good at the club and had her fair share of a traditional Thanksgiving meal!

Kendall and Molly Anne!  

The fam!

Friday morning Molly Anne and I went shopping bright and early.  We were at the mall before 8am!  She loved seeing all of the shops all decorated and picking a few things out for herself!  She was super sweet and such a good girl.  

That night the three of us went to dinner and she was in rare form.  It wasn't really her fault, she hadn't had a good nap for three days in a row at that point because of stuff we had going on but still, it was so embarrassing!  We ate quickly and got on out of there!

Ole Millsy's favorite new spot!  He puts his head on the cool tile!

We really didn't do much all weekend.  Kevin and Molly Anne didn't leave the house all day on Saturday.  I ran to the house and Teeter but that was it!  It was nice being low key.  Kevin and I got some rooms cleaned out before our move.  

Mills is basically the best part human around!

Yesterday we took Christmas card pictures for our card and for my parents!  These are a preview but not what we are using!  

She was obsessed with her red nightgown all weekend!  Her makeup kit is one of her favorite things right now.  She's putting eye shadow on in the below picture!

We desperately needed the low key weekend with our busy month coming up!  Back to the grind yall!  

When I left the house this morning, Molly Anne yelled from the other room, "I love you Mama!"  It basically melted me into a million pieces!


  1. She gets cuter and cuter!
    Nice to have Thanksgiving at the club, no preparation and no clean up!

  2. Molly Anne looks so cute all dolled up for her Thanksgiving meal! I agree with MCW, the club sounds like the way to go where everyone can relax.

  3. We were at the mall early Friday too! I'm sad I didn't run into you!!!