Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Round Up - Yard Work and Criterium

We had a busy weekend!  Friday when I got home, all of the mulch had been done to our beds at the front and back of our house.  It looks sooo much better.  Kevin and I try to do a lot of yard work ourselves but spreading 14 yards of mulch is major work.  And since we both work-work a lot, finding time to spread mulch just doesn't happen.

On Saturday we did some errands including picking up flowers at Lowes.  


Mills supervised our flower planting and grass cutting. ;)

Cooled off with some la Croix - peach pear kind - love it!

Saturday night we headed uptown to hang with our condo neighbors and watch the criterium bike race. It's an annual thing we all always do each year.  

We met at the wooden vine wine bar, then watched some of the race and walked to Vapianos for a delish dinner!

Yesterday we did more stuff around the house getting it Spring ready.  Kevin put together some nursery furniture.  I sprayed round up on weeds (exciting I know) and we took the jeep the bad daddy's for a late lunch/early dinner. 

We played outside with our best buddy and tried to chill before the week commenced.  

Happy Monday!


  1. All your yard improvements look great! Mills looks like he was a huge help :)

  2. All of the pretty flowers everywhere make me so happy it's Spring! I think Brady has that same frog toy that Mills has. Except it doesn't have any stuffing left in it... :)

  3. The yard looks beautiful ! I think you've convinced me I need mulch instead of pine-straw ...

  4. I think I would be careful dealing with pesticides and being pregnant. Especially Roundip. Have Kevin do that!😳