Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crab Baby Shower

Goodness, I don't even know where to start on this post because it was the sweetest day and one I'll remember forever!

My girls hosted a baby shower for us!  Seriously, how cute is the shower?  It was only appropriate being crab themed since I'm from Maryland.  They had framed the invitation and had everyone sign it.  This was at the beginning of the shower.  I don't want to show the end result because a lot of people used their last names.  

The hostesses were from all over the east coast so I told them to have it at our house and nothing would make me happier than having all my friends under our roof...and they could see the nursery progress too!

The  They were stunning!  My friend Sarah's Mom did them!

Elizabeth made the cookies and aren't they adorable?  They are little crabs!

And have my monogram all different ways.  Presch!!

The drink table with lots of wine on the side of the table in a big tub.

This cake!!!  The top layer was vanilla and the bottom was almond.  The detail is unreal!

A little red headed baby on top in a boat with a crab.  Oh my goodness!

This is the food table minus a few things, including Mom's crab dip of course! ;)  The girls put in a special request for her to make it!

They had it catered by whole foods.

So good!  The salt and vinegar chips in the middle made my day because a special friend of ours went out that morning and got them at 7am and had them brought to the shower.  Very thoughtful since those are my very favorite!

The flowers!

The ladies who made it all possible and I - Kimmy, Sarah, me, Suz, Kelly and Beth who is not pictured because she lives in Boston.  Thankful for my bestest girls!!!

Nana and Nannie!  Kevin's Mom and my Mom with a sneak peak of the nursery in the background!

My friend Courtney came...she is a sorority sister and has always been sweet to include me in everything in Charlotte when I first moved to town and still to this day (10 years later)!  This girl sends cards for everything and remembers every occasion!  

All sorority sisters!




Tara, Kathryn, Me, Lauren!

My blogging girls turned bestests!  Sarah, Me, April and Katie + Lauren had to leave for a wedding


Opening gifts...A LOT of gifts from A LOT of thoughtful friends and family!

The quilt!


The diaper bag!

Kevin and Dad got home towards the end of the shower and waited out back for us to finish up.  Then they came in to say hello to all of the girls which they both secretly loved I think! ;) 

This picture is kinda funny to Kevin and I.  For many, many years he has always liked putting his hand on my stomach for pics and I always have told him to stop because it makes me look pregnant.  Well now he can haha!

Two scared soon-to-be parents!

But we're ready! ...we think!

The girls had asked him a bunch of questions about what he thought things were going to be like after the baby arrives.  His answers were precious and I will put them in the baby's book!

Two of my oldest friends came to our shower.  Sara on the left flew down from NY and left her three young boys and hubby for the weekend.  And Ashley on the right came down from Raleigh with her two girls and hubby for the weekend.  I grew up with these girls in Maryland and they are very special to me.  Two of my bestests and I'm thankful we all still stay in touch!  (This picture was later that night as they stayed and hung out with my parents, Kevin and I.  We had a fancy dinner of Marco's Pizza but most importantly I loved catching up and spending time with these two!)

Thank you ALL for a wonderful shower and one of my most favorite days!  I just LOVED having all my people in our home to celebrate the baby coming!!!!  Crazy that all this getting so close!  Love yall!!!


  1. You had so many great friends at your shower! I love the crab theme since you're from MD! What diaper bag did you go with?
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. soo beautiful! The cake... Perfection! You look great!

  3. What a beautiful shower-- those details are above and beyond (including the red headed baby on top of the cake)! You look just wonderful-- so nice to have your girls around to celebrate you and the baby-to-be :)

  4. Love the crab theme. You look so happy in every picture!

  5. The redheaded baby on the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Where do I even start with this??? I'm obsessed with this theme, first of all! I love how fitting it is, I loved the colors, the cake, ohhhh mind the sneak peak of the nursery! Ahh! And you look just radiant. You are just beaming with love and gratitude, what a happy shower!

  7. Looks perfect! And the crab theme is obviously a favorite of mine. So excited for you all!!! Um. No pics of Mills? Hope he wasn't left out ;)

  8. SO sweet. What a wonderful celebration!!!! And the diaper bag...swoon. I love! xx

  9. So glad that you enjoyed the cookies...those crab arms sure are fragile though!! Can't wait to see more nursery pics!!!

  10. The theme is so perfect for you! Your girls did a great job and those pictures of you and Kevin are so cute!

  11. You are a gorgeous mama! Loving the sneak peak of the nursery and all of the goodies for little babe! S/he will be here before you know it!!

  12. What a fun shower! Love all the details and you look gorgeous and happy! Your Mom and Kevin's Mom look great too.

  13. What a fab shower!!! Love your dress (Lilly?) and love the theme!!! So cute! Can't wait to see more nursery pics....I am liking what I see so far! ;)

  14. Such an adorable shower!! Especially that crab cake!

  15. It was so much fun to celebrate you and the baby! The crab theme was just perfect!

  16. Such a cute shower! I LOVE the crab theme. You look so pretty and happy!

  17. Aren't baby showers just amazing?! You look fantastic and may I add that your MIL is STUNNING! You tell her some random commenter says so ;-)

  18. You look beautiful! Being from Maryland I LOVE the crab theme. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.