Monday, April 27, 2015

Very low key weekend

This weekend was very necessary. I did essentially nothing. 

Kevin and I went to an easy dinner Friday night.  Saturday morning I went to flywheel mainly for mental stability. I did not care if I just sat on that bike and pedaled. I did not care if I coughed through the whole thing. I just needed exercise and flywheel in a bad way.  And it was everything I hoped for. Ha!  

Then I walked across the parking lot and met my friend Fran for a bagel. She was back in town and I just loved catching up with her. She is 22 weeks pregnant with little Maggie!

The rest of Saturday consisted of this while Kevin worked all day. 

That night we went to dinner with his parents and niece. Afterwards best buy and petsmart. Kendall loved all the fish!

Sunday we went to breakfast which wasn't very pleasant for me because I can't eat anything except eggs and sausage but I really wanted French toast.  So that stunk but oh well.  

Kevin went to target and teeter with lists we made while I laid down all day.  Seriously it's the only way I can survive this rib stuff. It's horrendous. Mom thinks I broke a rib early on and that's why my right side has hurt since 14 weeks. OVER IT.  But it was very nice of kev to go do those errands I usually do. He didn't mind one bit either.  I only got 3 texts with questions ha. 

I tried to eat dinner per the dietician but I can't have red sauce. Just shoot me. So mills and I went for a walk after dinner then we all crashed. 

Let the chaos begin!


  1. So, will you be able to deliver naturally with a broken rib? That sounds so painful. poor thing! Hope these next few weeks fly by.

  2. I'm glad you went to flywheel......I need exercise for my headspace SO bad and it sounds like you're in the same boat as I am. If you're in the mood for a beach read while you take it easy, check out summer rental by Mary Kay Andrews. I read it last week when I was in a bad place and it was a great mental vacation.

  3. I think you are experiencing the same thing I did with my first pregnancy. My right rib hurt so bad on the bottom and underneath that could hardly ride in a car on a bumpy ride towards the end of my pregnancy. They thought I had gallbaldder problems, broken ribs, but it ended up being muscle pain all along. My son was very long and I guess he liked to sit up along the muscle right in that area and it was sooo annoying. As soon as I delivered, I never felt it again. And I had another son after him with zero pain. I can sympathize, it is very painful. Hope it gets better and you find a way to relieve the uncomfortableness.