Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 29 Pregnancy Journal

How far along? 29 weeks

Size of Baby: Butternut Squash - 15" long and 2.5 pounds

Gender: Not finding out! 

Weight Gain:  Not much...3 or 4 pounds at this point?

Maternity Clothes: So I wore maternity shorts this week to St. Thomas - a little getaway that I hope to blog about tomorrow.  It was my first time at maternity anything and these babies were comfortable!

Nursery:  Kevin put together a little side table for beside the chair.  We are getting the drapes hung tonight or tomorrow, I hope!

Movement: All the time!  It's a reassuring feeling for sure!

Symptoms:  If I don't stop coughing from this crud, I may freak!  I went back to the doc again this morning and she wasn't thrilled I had been taking codeine.  She wants to fix the problem instead of treating the symptoms.  I can agree with that!

Sleep: Good when I'm not coughing, haha.

Cravings:  None - just whatever I feel like kinda like before I was pregnant.  I don't think I'll ever be one of those that is like I NEED A DONUT AND I NEED IT NOW kinda gals.

What I Miss:  In St. Thomas, I am not going to lie...I had a few sips of the champagne they had left for us in our room.  Champagne is wine and the doc told me I could have a glass or two of wine a week so a few sips I didn't think would kill me.  It was GOOD.

Best Moment This Week:  St. Thomas with just Kevin.  What a treat it was!

Looking Forward To:  Baby shower this weekend!  A lot of my friends and my parents are coming in to town and I'm super excited to see everyone! 


  1. Welcome to the joys of maternity shorts and pants, I may never go back. ;) Have a blast at your baby shower!

  2. Cannot wait to hear more about St. Thomas, cute mama!! xx

  3. Ahhhh baby shower time!!!! And I can't wait to hear about your vacay, from your pics you would never guess you were still sick!

  4. Have fun at your shower! Can't believe you're already 29 weeks!!

  5. Can't wait to hear about your trip : )