Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend and Anniversary

My office is closed Friday and Monday of Easter each year so it's nice to have the extra time off. I will say, since most people work those days, we all pretty much end up working too which is fine. 

Friday night, Kathryn and Justin asked us out to dinner. Benjy came too. We dined outside at Vivace after a cocktail at Dresslers. 

Afterwards we went back to their place and hung on their rooftop patio.  Amazing view right?!

Saturday was flywheel then our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. So of course I took Mills! ;)

And the Southern Cake Queen Truck!  Oh those cupcakes are good!!

One of our neighbors even surprised mills with one of the SCQ dog treats!

Saturday afternoon we met with a landscape group about our backyard, stopped by Dukes for lunch, stopped over at Kevin's parents house to say hey (because we hadn't been since Christmas) and that night we watched Elevation online because we were coughing up a storm. (Oh that was only the beginning.).  Saturday night was huge - I was at toys r us with my neighbor looking for stuffed animal bunnies for her kids.  Amazon didn't get her jellycat bunnies here in time yikes!  We were not successful but we looked lots of places ha!

Mills is getting another cousin named Huck and he was born on Friday.  My brother and SIL already have a golden named Fin. Now they'll have Huck too!  The litter has 3 boys and 7 girls. 

Sunday AM the easter bunny had come to see Mills!  

Kevins parents invited us to their club for brunch which is always good food and times with them. 

That afternoon I went downhill and downhill fast. I became a sick puppy.  After two calls to the oncall nurse at the gyn office, nothing got accomplished. They couldn't tell me if I could have a dang cough drop.  Clearly I had several because come on!!  

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary!!  I spent it seeing my internist to get some real meds and Kevin kept me alive with smoothies and bringing in Basil take out.  We always do Basil for our anniversary and I'm glad we didn't miss that. So this anniversary we practiced the in sickness and in health part of marriage.  We exchanged cards and are most likely going to order a fancy chair for our den!  

Today I was supposed to fly up to WV for work but I'm still a sicky.  First trip I've missed in 10 years of traveling.  So yeah, that's how awful I've felt. Hopefully Kevin and I are both on the back end of it. 

Chat soon friends!


  1. You poor thing. Rest up and feel better quickly.

    Also, you're the best puppy mommy ever! Easter egg hunt and an Easter basket! Mills had a great weekend!

  2. Sorry you're feeling so crappy! Hope you feel better real soon!

    I definitely felt mom guilt on Sunday because I didn't make Brady an Easter basket. :(

  3. Feel better soon! That's so frustrating that you couldn't get a straight answer about what you could take. You looked great on Easter though, love that dress!

  4. Sitting outside at the Metropolitan in springtime is one of my faves!!! The happy hour Vivace apps...can't beat em! :)

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself!

  6. Happy Anniversary and feel better!! I love you Easter dress. Looks so comfortable and I love the spring colors.

  7. Hate that you got sick! Hope it's getting better!

    Happy anniversary!

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