Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mills Collars!

Mills needed to get ready for Spring!

He got a couple new collars from Kristen's Etsy shop!  She is a blogger (Home Sweet Life) and neighbors with good friends of ours.  She was at the Christmas party in December and that is when I met her.  Such a sweet girl. 

Anyway I was looking at collars on Etsy and all of them were outrageously expensive until I remembered that she had a shop and I'd rather give business to someone I know and local to Charlotte.  I was looking for a seersucker one initially but saw this shamrock one that Mills had to have!

I sent her a question and asked if she could make a seersucker one for Mills.  She didn't have the fabric but was so sweet to send me a link and let me choose which I wanted.  And the collars arrived 4 days later.  Ah-mazing.

The part Mills loved the best was that the package came with a couple goodies for him.  He smelled those and it was all over...Kristen is his new favorite person and he wants a new collar every day! ;)

Get your pooches some cute collars from Kristen!  


  1. The shamrock is adorbs. Buddy wears harnesses. Not collars.

  2. You're so sweet! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you like them. Mills is looking pretty handsome as usual!

  3. So cute! My husband looks at me like I'm crazy when I buy Camden a new collar, but then he comes home with a new sports themed one every season. Clearly we spoil our pup.

  4. So cute! The seersucker one is perfect for summer!

  5. LOVE the seersucker! I want a pink and a blue one for our pooches! I wonder if she can monogram them? :)

  6. Ahhh...we have puppy fever and I know I would go crazy buying cute collars!