Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday - Dresses

I love this Elizabeth McKay dress.  Verrrrry tempting my friends!

I got a text from a very dear friend last Sunday and it just was the sweetest thing.  She just told me she wished we lived closer and that she missed me.  SO kind and really made me happy.  I need to do those things more often.  

I'm on the hunt for three kinds of dresses:
 - 3/4 sleeve dresses for cooler weather
 - professional sleeveless dresses that I can wear with a cardigan 
 - dresses for evenings out in Vegas with work people (so no low cut or short but still fun)
Anyone have any website suggestions?  You all know that I only know of a few websites ha!

This time last year we were so wedding involved and overwhelmed with what needed to be done to our house that planting flowers was the last thing on my list.  This year, I really want to make our yard springy-fied!

I have been home all of this week and what a joy that has been.  I planned out my travel so I could be here and be a single parent to Mills.  Kevin has been in Vegas for a work conference...don't feel too badly for him...Journey played for them on Wednesday night and they had some other amazing band on Tuesday night at their fancy dinners.  It's been SO weird to have been here all week AND to have been home alone!  Thankfully Kevin is returning home momentarily!


  1. Love that Elizabeth McKay dress! It's giving me some very Mad Men vibes. My go-to for 3/4-sleeve dresses for cooler weather is shirt-dresses with the sleeves rolled up a bit. Ann Taylor has some cute ones right now and Gap has a couple chambray and less dressy options. Keep us posted on what you end up finding!

  2. I just made a big purchase for spring/summertime blouses at J Crew Factory & Banana. Totally agree with the comment above about Ann Taylor and LOFT, but have some really nice standards (and I think LOFT knocked off that J. Crew scallop dress everyone went apeshit over last season)

  3. Agree with BHB...I love Ann Taylor dresses! And they always have 40%.

  4. I love the idea of sending sweet text messages to friends. Definitely update us with what you plant this year. I need to do the same to our yard and I need ideas.

  5. I need to text more friends too! With 3 quarter length dresses try LuLus.

    They have this dress in a bunch of colors! I have this dress in different colors from last season its lined. I LOVE it!! They also might have some okay vegas dresses. Some are pretty risque but others are good!

    Shop Sosie might have good options also for both!!

  6. I love sending / receiving random texts to / from friends. It's such an easy way to make a big impact! Check out ModCloth - their dresses are more trendy and lower-priced (also means lower quality) than JCrew or Ann Taylor but great for a more trendy piece you don't plan to wear past one or two seasons! For Vegas maybe?!

  7. Love that dress! I am looking for some new dresses too! I'll keep you posted if i find some good places!

  8. Hooray for cute dresses and sweet unexpected messages from a dear friend!! (: Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend!!