Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guest Bedroom

I believe I started to show you different rooms in our home but never finished.  So, here is our guest bedroom that actually has furniture in it.  The other two don't.

This is my furniture from when I first graduated college.  The bed is from Crate and Barrel and I think they still have a similar one.

All of the bedding is Matouk.  LOVE LOVE.  This was my first big purchase out of school and it was a good one!  I love the scalloped edges and the applique monogram.  This is bedding that will be passed down to many generations, despite my maiden monogram.
The left side table above is from Pier One and I got it when I was in school. 

Mom and Dad gave me a mini applique pillow for Christmas way back when.  The roll pillow is actually from my bed at home-home but it matches perfectly so I snagged it.  (Guess I could have primped the pillows a bit more but you get the idea)

This bedroom faces our front yard.  Think we should add curtains to the plantation shutters?  Probably at some point.

The bedroom is painted in Jersey Cream by Sherwin Williams.  The trim is Creamy high gloss by Sherwin Williams.  Ceilings are just ceiling white.  The print on the wall was a wedding gift from my parents across the street neighbors!  The dresser is from a wicker store in Raleigh when I got my first apartment.

This side table is from an antique store Sleepy Poet in Charlotte.  Got it when I moved to Avenue in 2007.  The clock was a shower gift from Pottery Barn, actually from the same folks that gave us the print!

The closet doors...same closet, two doors.  It's quite large for a guest bedroom.

This mirror was a very special shower gift.  It's a gift from my parents good friends and their son made it!  They signed the back with a special message to Kevin and I.

I love how all of our pieces have a story behind them.  I'm not one to go to Haverty's or wherever and pick out a bedroom set where it all matches.  I don't like matchy matchy!  

I'd still like to get a rug for this room (any ideas on color or pattern?), curtains eventually and maybe a couple more things for the walls when I see them.  No reason to run out and finish it with things we don't love, as we see things we like a lot, we'll get them.

Any suggestions for the room?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. Love the idea of having your maiden name bedding in a guest room! Definitely something you can pass down.

  2. I love this!!! I, too, prefer pieces with a story and some history to them. There's a table that I used as my night table in pre-Living In Sin apartments that is now a table in our 2nd bedroom. My dad bought it for his first apartment out of college and it's been used for different things at my parents' house throughout the years. There are LAYERS of different paint on it, but I just absolutely love it and even though it's a dinky little table, it's got a story!

  3. That monogrammed bedding, love love looooove!

  4. I love that everything in the room has a story and means something to you. I love white bedding, it just makes the whole room look clean.

  5. I hear you with the piece by piece not matchymatchy decorating!

  6. Such a peaceful & calming space! :) Love the monogram!

  7. I love that you will pass your linens down with the maiden monogram!!

    Also...I'm with you, HATE matchy matchy!