Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday - What a Week

I'll spare you all the details of this week, instead I'll keep it short and sweet!
ONE:  "Daddy, the flash is too bright!"
TWO:  I made it up to my parent's this week for a bit and Dad makes the best breakfasts.  Scrapple and eggs!
THREE:  While I was in Maryland my parents and I had dinner with these two at EVO!  Sweet couple!
FOUR:  American Idol with the parentals!  Harry Connick Jr. lives next door to an ex-BF!
FIVE:  An amazing dinner at Rockefeller's on the water in VA Beach.  These oysters rockefeller were SO good.  So was the piece of tuna that was not really cooked, only seared...just the way it should be.  Thickest piece of tuna I've seen. 
 I won't discuss how I was stuck in a hotel for 20 hours due to another winter storm or the other chaos that has happened this week.  The good news is that my plane leaves at a certain time today and I will be on that plane no questions.  I've done all I can possibly do this week and sometimes, that's all ya can do!
Enjoy your weekend, friends!


  1. Winter can go away anytime. Like last week would be preferable.

  2. Not an oyster fan, but I do love oysters rockerfeller. Safe travels!

  3. Those oysters look amazing & glad to hear you're from Maryland! I'm from Northern VA and making the trip from Charlotte tonight--fingers crossed for better weather on the way! Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm glad you had a good meal in my hometown! Unfortunantely, I'm allergic to all seafood. :(

  5. Oysters and seared tuna, you're killin me! :) HA!

    Safe travels home today!

  6. Shoot, girl, its' 9:45 and I've got an oyster craving!!! Hope you get home soooooooon and safely

  7. Hang in there, fingers crossed that you get home with no issues. I had never heard of scrapple until I went to Maryland. I love learning about regional food.

  8. Those oysters look delish! The older I get, the more I love visits home. It's so nice being at home with my parents! Hope you had a safe trip back!

  9. MMMM! Love (and miss!) Rockefeller's!