Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mills at School

This lil boy need a lesson on how to COME when I call him.  So, he went to school for a private lesson with Edie.

And I made sure he had zero activity yesterday because I wanted him to be wound up so that instructor had the time of her life with him!a

So here it is...he was NOT happy about going into Petsmart.  I think he associated it with his haircut he got there which he did not like.  Anyway I had to lure the poor pooch with goodies.  He shook for the first 20 minutes.

He learned the command Touch which is basically like Come.  The instructor gave him a graduation cap to wear for pictures but I'm not so sure ole Millsy graduated yet.

He was thinking, "get me out of here and get this stupid hat off of me!"

So he got a good nights sleep.

Today he is at Camp to play for the day!  He's had a big week!


  1. How cute is he in that hat!!!!!!!! adorable!! Poor pooch, so scared he was shaking :(

  2. Brady ignores me when I call him..unless he feels like listening. I wonder if the old dog, new tricks saying is true or not..

  3. Oh my goodness, how precious! He is so pretty!

  4. Camden has the same problem. It's infuriating, because he knows what come means. He starts basic training lessons tonight. Fingers crossed.

    P.S. Glad it's not just my dog.

  5. He is so stinkin' cute in that graduation cap!